It is said: “…if you love what you do you will never work a day of your life.”

Patrick has invested his career solving problems and building educational products and programs – he has not “worked” many days!

My Work

How Can I Add Value?

I am always looking for the next mountain to climb in education. My consultancy, Accentuate Learning, allows me to scale resourcing to meet your needs if necessary.

Let’s Exchange Ideas

My specialties include science and math education, career readiness education, STEM, serious games, and EdTech. If you have a need or simply want to discuss these areas contact me!

Speaking and Other Things

I have presented and engaged many different groups of various sizes on both business ideas and academic topics. If there is a way I can help your event/organization let’s chat!

About Me

ALWAYS looking for the next mountain to climb!

Very Recently:
• have served multiple clients on projects ranging from board-game based teacher professional development to market analysis and alignment for VR pre-employment training
• developing metacognition (learn-to-learn) product portfolio

• launched ~180 CTE courses, platforms and programs for all 50 high schools and launching 13 of the first statewide, virtual, public career academy programs
• led instructional design and launched of an innovative set of 60 virtual labs as part of an overall curriculum package that has been used successfully by tens of thousands over the past 6 years and saved millions of dollars in shipping costs

• 30+ years of building products and programs
• served operational and lead roles in companies, startups, government organizations and school districts
• developed and launched innovative processes, product components, products and product line extensions both nationally and abroad

A Few Specifics:
• has worked on and/or directed student and teacher facing modules and courses to programs that impact whole schools districts
• demonstrated expertise in teaching and learning, edtech, and product management
• worked with outstanding school districts, NASA, and innovative companies.

• opportunities to affect education at large scales (nationally, internationally)

In His Spare Time:
Pat spends time with his wife and two dogs in the oldest city/settlement in the US: St. Augustine, FL. When they are free he enjoys time with his adult-children Catherine and Patrick. Pat is a tournament level chess player and enjoys games like Elder Scrolls Online. A former coach, Pat especially enjoys studying strategies in games and sports. He and his wife Anne are avid Pittsburgh Steeler fans.


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